Developing of modern power engineering industry requires the knowledge of latest materials and metal casting industry trends. Power generation is the industry that drives all others light and heavy industries and allows the whole world to work and move forward. We make heavy power generation castings of the high-alloy steel that many other foundries simply can’t deal with. We offer special materials for power engineering industry that meets this complex and demanding market.  We can produce steel castings, stainless steel castings, high-strength steel castings and iron castings up to 2000 kg using our induction melting furnaces and lost-foam casting technology.  We can make a casting solution for every application in power generation industry.

Power Generation Castings

South Mechanic and Foundry Plant has extensive experience in castings production for a wide applications of power generation industry. It can be steam turbines, gas turbines, wind generators, auxiliary systems, and many other systems related to producing and transmitting electricity. We offer a big amount of flexibility implemented in our processes so we can do a custom casting solution to meet your needs and expectations.

We can make prototype castings, single castings, and also low or high volume series of production.  We can assist you to choose a material or optimize a design of your casting to get the best and cost-effective result. Our experienced team of engineers can help with that. Our in-house quality management system guarantees that you will get your high-quality power generation castings right in time.

power engineering castings
power generation castings

Power generation castings for turbine constructions

Wall thickness is very important parameter that affects on the mechanical properties of the cast components. Increasing wall thickness are lowering them as a result. The best performance of turbine constructions can be achieved through a combination of thin and thick wall areas in the same casting. How to make the right decision in power generation castings is essential here. Our experience in castings for power engineering will help you to make a choice of right alloy and design optimization of your casting. We are here to help you.

Cooperation with South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

Our customers in the power generation industry have relied for many years on our high-quality castings that meet the necessary technical requirements.

We are happy to help you in the right alloy selection, best design solution and make your casting cost-effective for end-use.

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