Mining industry

Drilling, digging, crushing and refining processes are at the center of mining industry. Our cast-steel and cast-iron castings for mining industry can provide great performance at any of these applications.

The main requirement for castings in such applications is wear-resistance. Our experience allows us to offer high-quality steel and cast iron castings to use for working parts of mining and drilling equipment. Also our technologies of producing castings for mining industry allow us to produce heat-resistant parts with required heat treatment. This approach will allow our customers to extend the operating period of working parts made by the South Mechanic and Foundry Plant. We guarantee that we can meet and exceed your expectations about the quality and end-use of our products.

mining industry
castings for mining equipment

Castings for mining industry

Our engineers with extensive experience in metal casting are come up with the main reason: to exceed your requirements about the product for a reasonable price. If you are seeking to convert some articles to a casting, looking for improvement of a specific design of the casting or want to make a new product – we are here to help.

In castings for mining industry we focused on mechanical properties of castings to optimize casting design, select the right alloy and choose the best way of heat treatment. We ensure that the final product will meet all your requirements by testing it in our in-house quality management service. Whether you need a single casting for repairing of your machinery or thousands of items to launch a new product line – South Mechanic and Foundry Plant can help you with both.

Drilling and mining equipment have a wide variety of manufacturers introduced many types of equipment. It can be earth moving equipment and machinery, hammers, large scale drills and rigs, hydrochemical process equipment, hole plugs, stabilizers, specialized motors, pumps, compressors, and different kinds of service tools for assistance.

Cooperation with South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

Drilling and mining are high-intensity industries and therefore require extremely strong casting products that can meet the strict specifications of the materials.

Our customers in the mining and mineral processing industries have relied for many years on our high-quality castings that meet the necessary technical requirements. Our product range has many types of castings for mining industry made with different alloys and can be mechanically processed, surface coated or heat treated as needed.

We are happy to help you in the right alloy selection, best design solution and make your casting cost-effective for end-users.

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