Castings for mechanical engineering

South Mechanic and Foundry Plant has extremely well experience to produce castings for mechanical engineering to meet all requirements of machine-building sector. Our wide range of materials for metal casting allows us to offer different solutions for mechanical engineering to implement mechanical engineering projects of any complexity. We produce castings for mechanical engineering in many ferrous alloys, including gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, heat resistant steel, high-alloy steel and others.

South Mechanic and Foundry Plant makes mechanical engineering castings for almost every conceivable general industrial purpose and some special industrial segments of mechanical engineering. Whether you need a single casting for repairing of your machinery or thousands of items to launch a new product line – South Mechanic and Foundry Plant can help you with both.

In mechanical engineering, we operate at the junction of design and quality of casting components. The overall design is created in tight cooperation between us and our clients.  We help our clients in the area of mechanical engineering to provide the best casting optimization by doing casting and solidification simulations. Our goal is to meet the increasing demands of our clients for innovation and high technology applications of castings for the mechanical engineering industry. That’s why we want to provide our customers with efficient parts to achieve this goal.

castings for mechanical engineering
castings for mechanical engineering

Steel and iron castings

Our production capacity includes a foundry facility that produces single or series castings with unit weights ranging between 1 and 2000 kg with high economic efficiency. So we can meet the demand of large and heavy parts for the mechanical engineering industry. We use various different materials in steel castings, from non-alloyed standard grades to heat-treatable and fine-grained steels to high-alloy and high-strength special steels with specified properties. Our castings for mechanical engineering has a wide range of applications in the fields of special transportation, earth-moving equipment, mining and special machinery.

Cooperation with South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

Our customers in the mechanical engineering industry have relied for many years on our high-quality castings that meet the necessary technical requirements.

We are happy to help you in the right alloy selection, best design solution and make your casting cost-effective for end-use.

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