Custom metal work

Manufacturers of steel and iron castings pose great challenges because without casting products many repair shops, machine-building and other enterprises cannot exist. The foundry should not only use high-quality materials, but also have modern equipment, and it’s about the Southern Mechanic and Foundry Plant.

custom metal work

Features of custom metal work

metal casting foundry

Southern Mechanic and Foundry Plant has the following specializations:

Our foundry company meets all standards and technical requirements, which allows us to create custom metal products from different grades of steel and cast iron. Our modern equipment produces castings that meet all the requirements of the customer, which have high quality and short production time.

Southern Mechanical and Foundry Plant can offer custom metalwork of the following alloys:

  • Carbon unalloyed steel;
  • Low alloy steel;
  • High alloy steel with special properties;
  • Gray unalloyed cast iron;
  • Gray low alloy cast iron;
  • High alloyed cast iron with special properties;
  • High-duty cast iron;
  • Anti-friction cast iron.

Each of these alloys has its own characteristics and physical-mechanical properties, so we can find an individual solution for each client, ensure the supply of steel or iron castings for a wide range of industries, perform the required tasks and certain types of metalwork.

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Our foundry

Our foundry equipped with induction furnaces. Induction furnaces have a capacity of 0.5 and 1.5 tons. This equipment allows us to make custom metal castings weighing up to two tons.

Production capacities of our foundry are 200-250 tons of metal casting per month. Different capacities of our induction furnaces allow us to produce serial and small-scale, single products, and even engage in the manufacture of castings for emergency orders.

Our company is in a constantly developing process. Perceiving our goals we are using the following set of production solutions:

  • Continuous introduction of new technologies – the acquisition of new equipment and the application of new production technologies;
  • In-house research for improving our production;
  • High-precision equipment that allows us to create castings with a minimum defect rate and a long service life;
  • Staff training;
  • Cooperation only with trusted suppliers of materials;
  • Attracting highly qualified specialists only.

This approach allows us to manufacture competitive products with optimal price and high quality.

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    Your benefits of using our metalworking services

    If you will start to work with us you will find undeniable benefits:

    • Custom metalwork with high quality and fast production cycle;
    • Order a full range of services at one enterprise, from design documentation and tooling development to the manufacture of castings and metal machining services;
    • Use our lost foam casting technology for your production;
    • Have high-quality railway castings with long service life;
    • Low-cost castings allow you to fully compete in the market of steel and iron castings.

    South Mechanic and Foundry Plant, LLC cooperates not only with enterprises of Ukraine but also with many foreign enterprises. If necessary, our experts provide engineering services. Technical support and the introduction of advanced technologies will allow you to supply a wide range of custom metal products to your production.

    Turning to us, you can order custom metal products, as well as machining services. We guarantee high-quality products and strict adherence to specifications.

    custom metal work

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