Turning services

Turning services is widely used in mechanical engineering because it allows you to economically process the material of castings during metal machining works. Turning services are used with:

  • Tool steel;
  • Structural steel;
  • Cast iron;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Aluminum;
  • Brass;
  • Bronze and many other alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Features of turning services

Metal turning services has a fairly wide range of processes and capabilities, among them the following works can be made:

  • Threading – it can be either internal or external;
  • Roll forming;
  • Machining holes with various tools;
  • Fillet processing;
  • Chamfering;
  • Grooving process;
  • Trimming;
  • Cutting.

Metal machining is carried out in several stages. Initially, a design project is created and castings are made from various types of steel or cast iron. These castings are going to be a part of a single mechanism. After the casting is produced, metal machining work itself is performed (including turning works). The last step is the processing of the external and internal end surfaces.

turning services

Turning services

The benefits of turning works

Using turning works for castings and other types of metal machining, you can get the following product advantages:

  • Products can have complex geometry, which allows producing parts of any complexity;
  • High precision equipment allows us to process castings with extreme accuracy;
  • Products after metalworking can be used immediately without additional stage-by-stage refinement;
  • When using our machines, a minimum of waste is generated, they are very economical (most often no more than 10% of the material goes into shavings);
  • The resulting chips can be used in further production.

When performing all turning operations, it is very important to conduct a uniform cutting process, the cutter must perform precise translational movements – this is the only way to achieve high precision machining of castings.

When processing metal products, the cutter can make these types of movements relative to the workpiece itself:


Turning services at South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

When forming the cost of work, it is important to consider the complexity of their implementation, as well as the material of the casting. Hard alloys are much more difficult to process than soft alloys, and therefore the price of their machining will be higher. For products from hard alloys, it will be necessary to spend more electricity and the skill of a specialist, therefore the price increases in proportion to complexity.

At South Mechanic and Foundry Plant, we can offer metal machining for products from a wide variety of materials and alloys. At the same time, high-precision equipment and machines are used, which reduces the amount of waste.

We have a full staff of professional employees who have more than five years of metalworking experience. Turning services is carried out strictly to the technical documentation, so customers are always satisfied with the services provided.

We are always ready to cooperate with the most demanding customers.

If you are interested in cooperation, leave your contacts and we will call you back within an hour during business hours.

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