Shot blasting services

After the casting is extracted from the mold, metal scales remain on its surface, which must be removed. Most often, shot blasting is used to remove such scales. Castings are processed in a shot blasting machine after heat treatment also to remove scales on the part’s surface.

Shot blasting services are performed with special shot blasting chambers and using a special shot. Depending on what areas need to be processed and how it should be done, a shot of different diameters can be used.

Shot blasting process

Shot blasting of castings is carried out before their final grinding, welding and painting. Shot blasting work allows you to remove all the technological dirt from the castings and get a technologically accurate surface. Using this type of cleaning is used mainly because of its low cost because the abrasives that are used in this process are quite cheap.

Most often, shot blasting chamber can be used for processing of such products:

  • Stampings;
  • Castings;
  • Rolling (profile and sheet);
  • Forged blanks.

Shot blasting services are almost always used to clean metal castings and parts. The only exception is the processing of internal surfaces, as abrasive materials simply cannot get there.

shot blasting services

Shot blasting services

The advantages of using shot blasting treatment

The use of shot blasting is very popular at metallurgical enterprises due to such main advantages:

  • The low cost of processing achieved due to the cheap abrasive materials. The shot is reuseable;
  • After shot blasting processing castings are getting additional characteristics;
  • During shot blasting processing, small shots are hitting the surface leaving small dents, which are visible only under a microscope;
  • Using a shot blasting chamber, the surface can be easily roughened. With such processing you can easily hide minor flaws on the surface, differences between shades and other defects;
  • After shot blasting paint adhesion also increases;
  • Shot blasting allows you to remove stress and fatigue in the metal after heat treatment, which helps to protect the surface from rust.

Such features of shot blasting always positively affect casting performance.

Metal machining at South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

At South Mechanic and Foundry Plant, we can offer you metal casting with shot blasting services. After shot blasting treatment, the surface becomes clean, priming becomes easier, and metal fatigue and stress are reduced.

The cost of shot blasting services is always much lower than any other type of processing, so it is very popular among our customers. If you need castings with a technologically clean surface, the use of shot blasting is an ideal solution for you.

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