Milling services

Milling services refer to the cold processing of metals when a milling cutter tool is used. Metal machining is carried out by a rotating cutter. In this case, feeding of the workpiece can be performed in the following options:

  • Longitudinal;
  • Transverse;
  • Swinging;
  • Rotation.

Features of milling services

At the South Mechanic and Foundry Plant, it is possible to order metal milling services using high-precision lathes. They allow us to process small and large workpieces in minimum time.

Most often are such milling cutters are used:

Screw type;
Cylindrical type.

Metal turning and milling services require high precision, which can only be provided by professional staff with extensive experience. The price of milling and turning services depends on the size of the castings and the complexity of the process.

Southern Mechanic and Foundry Plant offer our customers the following types of milling:

End – to create grooves, windows and other recesses;
End face – to create screws, profiles, incisors;
Shaped – to create recesses of various sizes.

milling services

Milling services

Milling work for you

Our enterprise has modern equipment that will allow you to optimally choose the type of milling work – it can be:

Vertical works;
Horizontal works;
Counter works;
Passing works;
Shaped works;
Ring works.

Our extensive experience in turning and milling allows us to choose the best option for castings machining. Giving the parts a complex shape clearly according to the technical drawings ensures the high accuracy of the parts and their correct functioning in the future.

To create grooves, teeth and other recesses that must clearly coincide with each other, moving in different directions cutters are used, and the casting itself does not move.

Cooperation with South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

We can offer you high-quality milling services with several stages:

  • Providing customer’s drawings or sketches;
  • The operator performs three axial milling;
  • The operator performs four axial milling.

The main advantages of the South Mechanic and Foundry Plant for metal machining include:

  • The optimal cost for milling and turn-milling operations compared with the quality of work performed;
  • The use of high-precision equipment;
  • Experienced staff who are ready to perform work of any complexity;
  • The work is carried out clearly according to the technical specifications of the customer;
  • Machining quality control is carried out at each stage.

We are always ready to cooperate with the most demanding customers.

If you are interested in cooperation, leave your contacts and we will call you back within an hour during business hours.

We hope that our work will satisfy all your expectations and requirements.