Metal grinding services

Grinding works allow you to process a variety of surfaces made of different materials. Most often grinding is used for:

  • Wood products;
  • Metal parts;
  • Glass;
  • Stone.

Metal grinding is carried out using abrasive materials to remove material in the allowance for refinement. Such kind of metal machining is carried out by grinding machines, which can be portable or big ones to process large surfaces.

Types of grinding

Depending on the shape of the surface that needs to be processed, grinding services can be:

  • Round – work can be performed inside or outside the casting;
  • Deep processing;
  • Centerless;
  • Peeling;
  • Flat – can be performed by the end or the periphery;
  • Profile.

Each of these types of grinding has its own characteristics and advantages. Circular grinding provides high precision work. The part itself and the grinding tool perform translational movements, which allows you to gradually process the metal surface.

Flat grinding is most often used for machining of tooling, as well as parts that have flat surfaces. For this method, special tables are used for convenience, and the process itself can completely replace milling or planing.

Peeling grinding is used to process metal products that may have a defective layer after casting. It uses coarse abrasive wheels. Deep grinding is one of the types of peeling, it can be attributed to the finishing of the casting.

grinding services

Grinding services

Advantages of belt grinding

For machining in mass production, grinding equipment with abrasive belts is often used. Such equipment has its advantages, namely:

  • Simple maintenance of such equipment – all that is needed is to replace the belt, which takes several minutes;
  • Constant speed of the belt and the same radius of curvature during operation, the processing efficiency is reduced, which leads to an ideal surface condition;
  • High purity classes can be achieved – sanding belt provides high-quality processing with a grain size of 12-14 microns;
  • To achieve the mirror effect you can use special polishing endless tapes.

Grinding services at South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

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