Boring services

If you need to get a hole of the exact diameter, the best option would be to use boring works. It allows you:

  • Make holes in the castings;
  • Align existing holes;
  • Remove the roughness of the holes.

Features of boring services

The main feature of boring services is using low speed in the processing. This approach allows you to make high precision holes.

Boring works as a process is very similar to the milling and drilling processes, but executing of boring works also involves unique capabilities, namely:

  • Precise grooving;
  • Getting conical holes;
  • Milling at various angles.

Boring machines can perform other related work, including:

  • Drilling holes;
  • Milling to create a finishing surface;
  • Marking holes;
  • Checking center holes;
  • Countersinking of the holes.
boring services

Boring services

Advantages of work on jig boring machines

In most of the cases, the jig boring machine has a rotary table, which is convenient enough to perform various tasks. Using this table allows you to conveniently and accurately perform such work as:

  • Processing holes that are specified in the polar coordinate system;
  • Inclined work;
  • Making perpendicular holes;
  • Making grooving end holes.

For high precision work, the machine has an additional digital display. Its indication allows you to more accurately and clearly set the coordinates of the work. At the same time, the resolution can be up to 0.001 mm.

Intercenter distances are set in the coordinate system with an accuracy of 0.004 mm, and in the polar system, they are five arc seconds. The accuracy between the axles is 0.006 mm.

Boring services at South Mechanic and Foundry Plant

We can offer the processing of holes according to ready-made drawings and sketches, or you can order the technical documentation for your parts for further works.

We are ready to help you in creating uniform gaps between the punch and die, as well as in making ideal center bores. Boring holes in the coupling halves allows you to get more accurate holes in the mating parts.

The main advantages of boring services at South Mechanic and Foundry Plant:

  • Our professional staff allows you to quickly fulfill all the necessary requirements;
  • The use of modern equipment at low speeds, which increases the accuracy of the coordinate-boring services;
  • Correct configuration of the machines and control of all stages of works.

We are always ready to cooperate with the most demanding customers.

If you are interested in cooperation, leave your contacts and we will call you back within an hour during business hours.

We hope that our work will satisfy all your expectations and requirements.