Metal machining services

Metal machining, it is also mechanical processing – includes various processes in which a metal workpiece is cut to the desired final shape and size using a controlled material removal process. Processes that have a common process – controlled material removal, are now known as subtractive production, in opposite to controlled material addition processes, which are known as additive production. The “controlled” part of the definition almost always refers to the use of machine tools (in addition to power tools and hand tools).

Most modern machining is done using computer numerical control (CNC), where computers are used to control the movement and operation of mills, lathes and other cutting machines.

The three main metal machining services are classified as turning, drilling and milling.

Turning services

These are operations that rotate a workpiece as the main method of moving metal to a cutting tool. Metal machining lathes are the main equipment used in turning.

Milling services

These are operations in which the cutting tool rotates so that the cutting edges are pressed against the workpiece. Milling lathes are the main equipment used in milling services.

Boring services

These are operations in which holes are made or machined by contacting a rotating drill with cutting edges. Boring services are made with boring lathes, less often - with other equipment.

Metalworking services

An incomplete part requiring mechanical processing will need to cut off a certain layer of material to create a finished product. The finished product will comply with the specifications set forth for this workpiece using technical drawings or sketches. For example, the workpiece may have a specific outer diameter. A metal machining lathe is a machine that can be used to create this diameter by rotating a workpiece so that the cutting tool can cut metal, creating a smooth, round surface that matches the required diameter and surface finish. The drill can be used to remove the metal for shaping a cylindrical hole. Other tools that can be used for various types of metal removal are milling machines, grinding machines.

Advanced metalworking technologies include precision CNC machining, EDM, electrochemical erosion, laser cutting or waterjet cutting to form metal workpieces.

metal machining services

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Metal machining

Our company has a machining workshop and consists of several workrooms with basic machines for metal machining. Our range of metalworking equipment is capable of supporting the specialized needs of the business in all industries. You can contact us to get best quality and customer experience for metal casting and machining services.

Shot blasting services

metal machining services

Metal machining requires attention to many details in order to meet the technical requirements set forth in the technical drawings or sketches. In addition to the obvious problems associated with the right size, there is the problem of achieving the right finish or smooth surface on the workpiece. Poor processing quality on the workpiece surface can be caused by improper fastening, a blunt tool or improper tool selection. Often, poor surface quality is manifested in wavy prints on the machined surfaces of the workpiece.

Cooperation with our company will allow you to forget about the problems of low quality of metal machining.

Metal machining services at South Mechanic and Foundry Plant, LLC has the following advantages:

Operational efficiency

The exact metal machining process is largely dependent on equipment that can operate at high speed and with minimal labor. You can rely on the use of less time to process parts, thereby lowering production costs and improving product quality. Only highly qualified employees work on our equipment.

Reduced risk factor

Mistakes, whether human or mechanical, can slow down the entire production process and increase the cost of production. However, our skilled workers and automated machines are less error-prone because they strictly follow a predetermined set of actions.

Low production costs

The comprehensive nature of our manufacturing process results in less waste, fewer labor costs and minimum error possibility. Due to low production costs, the manufacturing industry is increasingly using our services to obtain quality products at an affordable price.

Fast production

We know how quickly our production system can operate and fulfill its tasks with great accuracy. Shortening lead times helps companies meet market expectations and achieve sustainable growth.

If you are interested in cooperation, you can contact us in any convenient way for you.

We hope that our work will satisfy all your expectations and requirements.

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